The average American spends just over an hour eating each day and roughly 30 minutes cooking. We spend only minutes more on weekends.

While that might be all the time we spend actively eating or cooking, we definitely spend more time than that in the kitchen. We use our kitchens to entertain, chat with family, pay bills, and do homework. It's a great multi-purpose space.

That's why good kitchen lighting is so important. The right lighting can make your kitchen more inviting and more functional, no matter what you use it for.

Read on to get some lighting inspiration for your kitchen remodel project.

Start with Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, also known as can lighting, is a great choice for any kitchen. The lights set inside the ceiling and have a simple round shape so they won't compete with your kitchen design.

You can use recessed lighting for three main purposes—as general room lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting. For general lighting, you'll install the lights every 4 or 6 feet around the room.

Task lighting is common over specific kitchen areas like above the sink or over a homework nook. This type of lighting helps you see while you're doing specific tasks.

The last option is accent lighting. If you'd like to highlight a piece of artwork or accentuate the fireplace in your dining area, you can use recessed lighting for that.

Add Pendant Lighting

Once you've addressed whole room lighting with recessed lights, it's time to add some style. One of the most popular kitchen lighting ideas is to add pendant lighting over a kitchen island.

Pendant lights typically feature a long piece of metal or chain that suspends the light from the ceiling. A small lampshade made of glass, fabric, or metal covers the light bulb. It directs the light at a more usable level than if it were on the ceiling.

If you have a modern farmhouse kitchen, consider something with an antique metal finish or even pendants made from Ball jars. For contemporary styles, opt for something sleek with clear glass for a chic pop of style.

Aside from your cabinet design, pendant lights give you the perfect opportunity to add your own style to your kitchen. When someone walks into the room, the lighting is one of the first things they'll notice.

Consider a Chandelier

Another option for kitchen lighting is to install a chandelier over the dining table. Not only will this help define the table as a separate zone in the kitchen, it also lets you add a bit of personality.

If you have an open concept kitchen, opt for a chandelier that matches the light fixtures in your pendant lighting. Consider your overall style to pick a chandelier that matches.

If the term chandelier sounds outdated to you, know that there's a ton of style options to pick from. You can choose the more traditional ornate look or something sleek and modern. For farmhouse designs, stick to simple lines and unique finishes.

Wall Sconces Add Understated Style

While many people focus on pendants, chandeliers, and other types of overhead lighting, you can also add wall sconces to your kitchen. This was a common feature in craftsman style homes, but you can incorporate this style into any home.

Use wall sconces to flank a piece of statement artwork in your kitchen. You can also install wall sconces on either side of your buffet. This will make the space look more built-in and help feature your favorite glassware or other display pieces.

It's also a good option for a dining area. Whether your dining table is part of your kitchen or it's merely an attached room, this will instantly add class to your dining room. Plus, it adds lots of warm lighting.

Under-Cabinet Lighting Makes Cooking Easier

If you're really invested in making a functional kitchen that makes cooking as easy as possible, consider adding under cabinet lighting. This can take the form of either LED strip lighting or rope lighting.

You can also install round lights every few feet for more focused lighting.

Under cabinet lighting makes it easier to read recipe cards on the counter, stir ingredients, or clean no matter the lighting. Plus, you can even leave the cabinet lights on to add some warm ambiance in the evenings.

This extra detail is something that can transform your kitchen remodel from good to fantastic. You'll wonder how you lived so long without under cabinet lighting.

Don't Forget About Natural Lighting

Another aspect of kitchen lighting that's often overlooked is natural light. Whether it's through a window, a skylight, or a patio door, natural lighting will make your kitchen feel more inviting.

If you're doing a total gut renovation, consider adding a window over the sink or even a sliding glass patio door to your dining area. The space will look brighter, give you a view of outdoors, and a way to bring fresh air into the kitchen.

Plus, if your kitchen has more natural lighting, you won't have to rely as much on light fixtures. This will save you money on your energy bills.

Transform Your Remodeling Project with the Perfect Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important, yet often overlooked, elements of a good kitchen. Lighting is about more than choosing the right sconce or pendant light. It's about designing a space with ambiance where you're not straining to see clearly.

If you're not sure how to update the lighting in your kitchen, we can help. At Cabinet Wholesalers, we offer complete design services as well as cabinets and construction work.

Contact us today to talk to a kitchen remodeling design professional. We'll be happy to help you through the process.