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The average American spends just over an hour eating each day and roughly 30 minutes cooking. We spend only minutes more on weekends. While that might be all the time we spend actively eating or cooking, we definitely spend more time than that in the kitchen.

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A really wonderful bathroom has something unique about it. Do you ever return to your table in a hotel or restaurant and feel compelled to compliment the restrooms? It's normal to feel calm, delighted, and a little bit fancy when we get ourselves in a gorgeous bathroom.

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Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen? Your home is your most valuable asset, and likely one of your most prized too. It's only natural to want to make it look its best with a great design. And as the kitchen is the heart of any home, it's even more natural for this to be the priority.

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Did you know that kitchen cabinets can last up to 50 years while bathroom cabinets typically last less than two decades? When it comes to cabinet lifespan, much of it depends on daily care and maintenance. Routine cleaning and careful usage can keep your cabinet doors in top shape.

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