A really wonderful bathroom has something unique about it. Do you ever return to your table in a hotel or restaurant and feel compelled to compliment the restrooms?

It's normal to feel calm, delighted, and a little bit fancy when we get ourselves in a gorgeous bathroom.

You may be feeling stressed by the options if you're searching for bathroom remodeling ideas. Bathroom renovation magazines and websites are brimming with beautiful designs, each as lovely as the last. So, which is best for you?

We are attracted to bathrooms that have been carefully designed to meet our exact needs, even if it is often implicit.

Many factors go into designing a bathroom that makes you smile every time you look at it.

This blog post discusses the top 10 bathroom remodeling tips. Continue reading to get ready for a successful bathroom remodel.

1. Choose the Right Flooring

Choose bathroom flooring material that can withstand everyday use. Get easy-to-install bathroom flooring. It will be quick and efficient to do repairs when the time comes.

The most used materials are vinyl flooring, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. Solid wood is not advisable, as it does not infuse bathrooms with a beautiful character.

Simple metro tiling adds an illusion of space without compromising any walls. Pick flooring that is waterproof and easy to maintain. Make sure it matches your style.

Durability is also an important consideration. The best flooring options are long-lasting and resistant to many types of damage.

2. Consider Lighting

Bad lighting can destroy the utility and look of the space. Ample natural lighting makes the bathroom feel airier and brighter. You can use a tubular skylight if you cannot incorporate a traditional skylight.

Natural lighting allows you to see a true representation of your skin color tone. Of course, you also need good artificial lighting.

Choose modern vanity that comes with a built-in light that offers broad-spectrum lighting. It will give you a natural appearance when you look in the mirror without shadows on the face.

3. Include Mirrors to Enhance Space

Mirrors don't serve the purpose of priming hair or checking makeup only. They are design elements that add light and expand the room.

When tackling bathroom remodel ideas, it's good to incorporate large mirrors. They make small bathrooms more spacious and feel lighter. Cover one wall with a frameless mirror for a great and unique look.

Install heated pads behind the mirror. It helps to prevent misting up after baths and showers.

Consider your height, wall space, and sink size when choosing a bathroom mirror. The glass should be a few inches above your eye level.

4. Address Ventilation

Bathrooms are prone to dampness by nature. Adequate ventilation is needed as long as your bathroom has a tub or shower.

Ventilation can either be in the form of exhaust fans, windows, or window vents. The type of ventilation you choose will depend on the features inside the bathroom.

Airing prevents the growth of mold and keeps everyone in good health. Excess buildup of mold can cause respiratory problems like asthma.

Confirm with your bathroom remodeler about the most appropriate ventilation to install. They will advise you appropriately, depending on the building regulations in your state.

5. Think About Accessibility

When making a small bathroom remodel, it's smart to think about accessibility. The idea of being less mobile may not be a concern now. But making simple steps during renovation can save you a lot of money later.

Accessibility doesn't mean that you add guard rails today. Instead, behind the drywall, you can add blocking to support grab rails when the need arises.

A walk-in shower is an alternative option that offers accessibility benefits. From wet room designs to slip-resistant tiles considering accessibility is a proactive step.

6. Choose Between a Shower or a Tub

Before doing any bathroom renovation project, you need to decide how you plan to use the space. Think about whether a shower or tub or both would be appropriate. Your goal is to create a functional layout without compromising your must-haves.

If you have a large space, a tub and shower would be ideal. But if the space is limited, you can opt for a shower.

Choose the right enclosure for your shower tub combo or shower. Curtains are ideal if you have children as they are flexible and soft, making them easy to bathe.

Glass doors make the space more spacious and add some warmth. Ensure your shower has fixtures like showerheads, drawer pull, and standard faucets.

7. Add Color That Pops

To make your bathroom look bigger, identify colors in the white or light spectrum. Dark colors can make the space feel claustrophobic and smaller.

You can create a bold statement using a striking color scheme such as pink. Pair the pretty palette with black to give it an industrial edge.

It's best to use white or off-white color for your bathroom ceiling to create an illusion of more room. Using a different color can shrink the room further.

8. Add Storage

Clutter can ruin the bathroom faster. When planning your bathroom remodel cost remember to include bathroom storage needs. Fitted furniture provides a coordinated finish.

Modular furniture also offers flexibility as it can be wall-mounted. Look at all obstacles, such as door swing, to identify an ideal placement. Before choosing shelves, drawers and cabinets, think about the items you will need.

9. The Lower Section of the Wall Needs to Be Protected

Beadboard creates a unique look and helps protect the lower section of the wall. Inevitable splashes of water from the shower or tub will not damage the wall. Add a layer of oil-based paint to preserve the beadboard from moisture.

But if beadboard does not match with your bathroom, you can add tiles. They also serve the purpose of protecting walls against moisture. Tiles have limitless style possibilities. Identify one that matches the design and color of your bathroom.

10. Add Some Luxury

When planning bathroom remodeling, consider design features that are appealing to the eye. Beautiful additions can increase the value of your property.

Bidet attachment installations are growing in popularity. It's something worth considering to make your bathroom look luxurious.

Also, you can incorporate fancy shower fixtures, motion-detected faucets, and automated blinds. There are a lot of bathroom features available in the market. It's upon you to identify those that match your preference.

Choose the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Use the above bathroom remodeling tips to make the space functional and practical. The contractor you choose will determine the outcome of the project. Research to identify the best contractor with vast experience in bathroom renovations.

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