A small home or apartment can feel cozy but can pose a few challenges when it comes to storage. One of the victims of the lack of space is often the kitchen and dining areas.

But small kitchens don't have to sacrifice style or storage when designed well. You can maximize kitchen cabinets and storage to fit all tools and equipment by thinking creatively.

Small spaces give you the opportunity to try bold designs in your kitchen. Here are nine kitchen remodeling ideas to use in a small kitchen.

1. Choose Light and Bright Colors

Light and bright colors help to make a space feel more open. If you don't want your small kitchen to feel cave-like, try to avoid colors like black, gray, and navy.

Opt for brighter colors like crisp white, sky blue, or even yellow. Even if your kitchen doesn't receive a lot of natural light, the kitchen will still feel light and airy.

But if you love darker shades and want to add them, add them with accents. Dark drawer pulls, and cabinet handles won't make the space feel smaller like dark kitchen cabinets.

2. Built-In Seating

A kitchen/dining room combination can be challenging to furnish in a small space. You don't want to make either area feel crowded. No one wants to have to shuffle around dining chairs to get to the fridge.

Avoid this fate by creating built-in seating. Banquette seating features an upholstered bench built onto walls to create a booth. Add a table to create the dining area. You can even use it for storage by having a hollow inside.

These are great options for small kitchens because they can be made to fit any space, nook, or corner. Banquettes can be as small or large as the space allows.

3. Open Storage

Having open sightlines is the key to making a room feel larger than it is. That's why crowded and over-filled rooms often feel smaller than they are. The same principle applies to small kitchens.

You don't want to overfill your kitchen with excess storage. Instead, opt for open storage in some places to create an open sightline. This doesn't mean replacing all your upper kitchen cabinets for open shelving.

Consider adding open shelves to store glasses, dishes, or cooking tools if you have a free wall.

4. Swap Cabinets for Drawers

Who says you can only have cabinets as your storage option? One way to add extra storage to a small kitchen is to opt for drawers instead of bottom cabinets.

You don't have to replace all of your cabinets. Even replacing one or two cabinets can increase your storage options. A stack of two or three drawers can fit most of all your kitchen necessities.

Choose drawers with varying depths to store cooking tools and utensils in one and pots and pans in the others.

5. Seating at the Island

If you have room for an island in your kitchen, consider doubling up and using it as a dining area. You can build a custom kitchen island with cabinets to fit your storage.

For seating, use bar stools that can easily tuck into the island. This will allow them to be out of the way when not in use.

If you want separation between where you prepare food and where you eat, opt for tiered countertop space. The two levels will provide you with prep space and a space for enjoying meals.

6. Use All Your Wall Space

In a small kitchen, a smart layout is essential. You must utilize all the available potential in order to get the most out of the space. That means being smart with your wall space and cabinetry.

Take cabinets all the way to the wall and utilize corners when you have to. If you have a cramped corner where a traditional cabinet might not work, choose an open cabinet or open shelving to make the most out of tight spaces.

7. Choose Glass for Open Designs

There's a quick swap you can do for your cabinets to make them feel more open: glass doors. Glass creates the open sightlines that make a place feel larger and airy.

Solid cabinet doors look sturdy and rooted. This may be the traditional look. But in smaller kitchens—especially those with little light—the solid wood can feel compact.

Glass also has the benefit of being sleek. Clean, unfussy designs will make your kitchen look polished.

8. Draw the Eye Up

You can trick your eyes into thinking a room is larger than it actually is. This is all about playing with perspective and direction. Make a room feel larger and ceilings taller by drawing the eye upwards.

Opt for cabinets that are taller than the standard size. You can even have them installed a little higher if your ceiling allows it. Try adding a backsplash with long verticle lines that reach the ceiling.

These verticle lines can emphasize height and trick the eye into thinking that the ceiling is taller.

9. Maximize Storage

You don't only want to think about the size of the cabinets when it comes to storage. Think of what you can add to the inside to maximize your storage and organization.

Add shelves and drawers to store dry food, baking supplies, and cooking tools. Create a built-in knife block to hold knives and a sharpener. A lazy susan can be an easy way to store spices.

Consider your needs and how you like to work in your kitchen to help inform you on the best cabinet storage additions.

Get Creative With Small Kitchen Remodeling

No matter how small, your kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you like to cook elaborate meals or host friends and family, your kitchen should be designed to meet these needs.

Kitchen remodeling allows you to get creative with your kitchen cabinets, storage, and design. Use these small kitchen ideas to create the space you'll love to spend time in.

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