Have you ever looked at your old kitchen cabinets and thought to yourself: "wouldn't they look better in grey?"

If you haven't considered grey cabinets before, now is a great time! Grey cabinetry suits many different kitchen designs and is a color that will never go out of style.

Whether you have a traditional or modern style kitchen, the possibilities for this sophisticated hue are endless!

Your next kitchen remodeling project is calling your name! Learn everything there is to know about kitchen remodel with snazzy grey cabinets here!

The Psychology of the Color Grey

There's something about the color grey that is perfect for kitchens. Grey exudes a natural warmth while providing a relaxing neutral vibe. As soon as you enter a grey kitchen, you feel the weight of the world slip off your shoulders.

Homeowners often avoid the color grey, especially on their cabinets, because they believe it represents the absence of color. They see it as a dull, emotionless, bland color.

But they couldn't be more wrong. The color grey promotes tranquility, balance, sophistication, and elegance. Remember, not all kitchens are designed to hit you in the face with color.

Here are some grey cabinet kitchen design ideas to inspire your next remodeling project.

Inspire Warmth

In this warm grey kitchen design, grey is anything but boring. Darker grey cabinetry is offset by a light grey Moroccan tile backsplash that runs along the entire wall.

An elegant light grey island countertop maximizes space and adds to the contemporary yet warm design.

Create a Contrast

Grey and white are a classic color combination that matches beautifully to create a timeless look. Choose white marble countertop with dark grey cabinetry for an understated minimalist design.

A white-tiled subway backsplash will help brighten up the space. For a pop of color, choose gold-brushed cabinet handles and sink faucet.

Try a Two-Tone Kitchen

Can't decide which shade of grey you prefer? Use them both! Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a hot design trend right now.

Why? Because they create visual interest and can make a small kitchen seem spacious. Some homeowners choose to install half their cabinets in one grey tone and half in another.

Using a two-tone color scheme is a great way to enhance the space and increase the resale value of your home.

Perk up Grey Cabinetry With a Playful Backsplash

If you're worried about your grey cabinetry looking dull, why not add a lively patterned backsplash?

One of the biggest backsplash tile trends at the moment is terrazzo. Terrazzo is durable, affordable, and offers unlimited design options.

Try a speckled tiled backsplash to tie in with your grey kitchen cabinets. You can even extend your Terazzo across the floor or higher up the wall. Choose a modern terrazzo design with a unique mix of grey hues and pastel pink for a bolder look.

Add a Bold Colored Island to Make Your Cabinets Pop

Introducing a bold accent color to your island will keep your grey cabinets from feeling heavy or dull. The idea here is to keep the focus moving around to all the exciting aspects of your kitchen.

Consider a purple or blue island with a light-colored timber or speckled light grey countertop. With a purple island, choose a muted purple color to avoid the grey cabinetry getting lost in the design.

Opt For a Curvy Kitchen

Break up hard edges and angles and bring your kitchen to life with round corners. An island with rounded edges helps give your kitchen a better flow and creates the illusion of space in smaller kitchens.

Use grey throughout, but make sure you combine several shades of grey to prevent your kitchen from feeling flat and underwhelming. Opt for a darker shade of grey for your island and lighter grey for your cabinetry.

Ooze Glamor With Gold and Grey

There isn't anything more luxurious than grey marbled kitchen cabinets with accents of gold veins running through. Opt for a white marble island with a large stainless steel sink to offset the darker hues.

If your design (and budget) permits, consider installing a skylight to let the natural light reflect more light around the room.

If your budget is on the lower end, this design might not work for you. But don't let that stop you from dreaming!

Work With Pastel

There's something soothing about pastel grey cabinetry. Pastel kitchens are more popular than ever. Create a soothing kitchen palette by using soft greys with light undertones.

The subtle color of pastel grey gives an understated look that can feel quite sophisticated. Match your cabinetry with light timber flooring and white walls to create a spacious, light, and airy space.

For those dipping their toes into the world of grey, this is an ideal design for you.

Grey, Grey, Grey: Remodel With Grey Cabinets Today

If you thought you had limited options with grey cabinets, you certainly don't now!

The color grey is the perfect kitchen cabinet design shade to contrast pops of color or add warmth and depth to an otherwise uninspired space.

A grey kitchen oozes style and sophistication. It's a shade that's here to stay. But with so many kitchen cabinet options, it can be hard to decide which is the best for your space.

So why not call in the experts?

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