It's easy to give your Irvine kitchen a dramatic new look when you update your kitchen cabinets.

Thinking of replacing your kitchen cabinets? If you're cabinets are in pretty good shape, and just need a bit of a face lift, consider kitchen cabinet refacing.

What is cabinet refacing?

It's a more cost effective solution then replacing all of your cabinets. Refacing involves applying a thin veneer to your current cabinets, and installing new doors and drawers.

We apply a very thin layer of wood, the veneer, around all the cabinet faces. There are many wood species and stain colors to pick from. Then we install new cabinet doors, we have dozens of door styles to choose from, with matching drawer fronts to go with them. Finally, we add your snazzy new hardware to finish it off.

Cabinet refacing is a great addition to your Irvine kitchen remodel

Don't just stop at refacing. Add new countertops and flooring and get the kitchen you've been dreaming of. Get years more life from your cabinets. We guarantee the lowest price in Irvine, and anywhere in Southern California, on cabinet refacing.

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