The kitchen is one of the homiest rooms in the house. Dinner is made every night, family recipes are passed down, and midnight snacks are snuck from the pantry.

Since this is the focal point of family connection, a kitchen should be suited for everyone living in the house. Kids oftentimes are left out of design concepts, and kitchens aren't typically designed to be child-friendly.

Keep reading to find out how to remodel the perfect kid friendly kitchen for you and your family.

Create a Kid Cabinet

Do you want your kids to be more involved in the food preparation process without handing them potentially dangerous utensils? Consider installing a "Kids Cabinet" in your kid friendly kitchen.

Kid's cabinets are a great way to encourage kids to participate in the kitchen and build life skills. Stocking it with utensils such as plastic plates, smaller silverware, and mini cookware gives kids their own set of supplies to work with. This allows children a safe way to get involved in the kitchen without any mishaps to them or your cookware.

Keeping food items like bread and peanut butter stocked as well is an effective way to encourage independence. When kids have a specific place to learn how to create their own basic meals, they can explore and learn skills without damaging the rest of your kitchen.

Smaller Seating

Think about it: everything in a kitchen is giant to a child. Tall stoves, high islands, and out-of-reach cabinets hinder the accessibility children have in a kitchen.

Including smaller seating options in your family friendly kitchen design is a great way to make kids feel more comfortable spending time in the kitchen.

Breakfast nooks, bar stools, and eat-in tables are other kid friendly kitchen remodel ideas. Smaller, more informal seating will encourage kids to spend more time in the kitchen doing homework or working on projects.

Miniature tables and chairs are an inexpensive addition to a kitchen makeover. These are the perfect size for younger children and can be easily removed when they eventually outgrow them.

Durable Materials

A kid friendly kitchen must be designed to withstand whatever accidents (or disasters!) kids may inflict on it. Choosing durable materials that are easy to clean will ensure kids can't leave long-lasting damage on your furnishings.

For countertops, going with a stain-proof option will protect against faint marks from spills.

Quartz is the ideal material to build with as part of your kitchen makeover. It's stain-proof, scratch proof, heat-resistant, and nonporous. These countertops are also shock-absorbent, so delicate kitchen materials are less likely to shatter if dropped.

For more budget-friendly options, laminate and vinyl are great for building durable countertops.

Tile, laminate, and stone are some of the best options for kitchen flooring. These materials are non-porous as well, which helps to fight against staining. Carpet is an absolute no-go for flooring in a kid friendly kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet materials are important as well when planning kitchen renovations. Flat slabs with a high-gloss finish eliminate cracks and crevices for crumbs to get stuck in and are easy to wipe off. Foil-finished or lacquered fronts are great options as well since they are moisture and stain-resistant.

Change up Storage

Storage options can be just as inaccessible as seating for kids.

Consider adding a snack bar as part of your food storage. It keeps snack foods out of the way and gives kids an easier way to independently get something to eat.

Refrigerator drawers are another great way to create a kid friendly kitchen. Refrigerators and freezers are typically too tall for children to reach easily. Adding in refrigerator or freezer drawers brings food to kid level.

Other child-friendly kitchen ideas include visible storage. Installing see-through pantries or cabinets lets kids see exactly where everything is, eliminating the constant "Where is...?" questions in the kitchen.

Budget-friendly alternatives could include wire baskets, open-top containers, and small pull-out drawers. Keep the most used snacks and food items in visible containers such as these to make these items more accessible for children.

Keep Dangerous Items Out of Reach

As important as it is to make kitchens accessible for kids, making certain items inaccessible is just as important.

Installing high shelves can keep dangerous cleaning products, alcohol, or other non-kid friendly items away from curious fingers. Make sure this storage can't be reached, even if your toddler gets a stool.

Baby gates and child locks are great options for temporary safety measures. Keeping drawers with knives and graters locked is important in making sure kids can't access dangerous utensils.

Open Floor Plans

Combining the living room and kitchen in your renovation by opening your home's floor plan helps to make a kitchen feel more included in the rest of the house. While one family member is cooking, they can talk and be with the rest of the family hanging out in the den area.

This is also a great option when having to supervise kids while doing something in the kitchen. Open floor plans also add an allusion of more space, making your home seem bigger.

Design Your Kid Friendly Kitchen

Creating a kid friendly kitchen is easier than you might think. There are plenty of small additions you can add to your kitchen renovations that make the kitchen more accessible for children. Even on a budget, there are less permanent features that can make a huge difference in your children's involvement in the kitchen.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to speak with a pro and get started on your kid friendly kitchen renovations that suit the whole family.