As more people continue to work from home, they are finding the time to address remodeling and renovation concerns that they may have not had the time to deal with before. Do you have an interest in renovating your bathroom, but are unsure of where to start? Bathroom trends have seen a drastic change in the past few years. You can use these new trends for the renovation of your own home project.

Keep reading to learn this year's top ten trends in bathroom remodeling.

1. Have an All in One Bathroom Experience

The two-in-one shower and bath concept is amid its renaissance. Now, in place of having a claustrophobic tub with a showerhead and curtains, the all-in-one bathroom experience has evolved to being a glass divider that can hold a full tub and shower. Having an all-in-one bathroom is an excellent choice for people who love making the most out of practicality.

2. Bringing the Spa to Your Bathroom

You can bring the spa to your home bathroom by adding a few key items and design accents. By adding luxurious finishes like easy-case granite or quartz surface countertops and euro-style shower doors with thick glass, you can ensure your bathroom is on-trend.

3. Merging the Indoors With Outdoors

Although this concept is nothing new, this year's bathroom trend takes the idea further. By combining design aspects such as placement and materials, the lines between the bathroom and its surroundings start to blur. For example, more homeowners are incorporating aspects such as timber indoors and taller glass walls to achieve this trend.

4. Integrate Smart Technology

For the past two years, there has been a growing focus on the importance of washing hands. As more consideration is being put into hand-washing, people are upgrading their sinks. Also, more people are trading out their faucets in favor of touch-less faucets.

Likewise, entertainment systems for the bathroom are growing in popularity. Having a TV to watch while you take a bath, for example, adds to the feeling of a spa-like bathroom experience.

Another way people are including technology in their bathrooms is by adding heated floors and humidity and steam-sensing exhaust fans.

5. Creating Closet and Bathroom Hybrids

The past few years have seen a growing desire for better-functioning home spaces. People are rethinking the layout of their homes and are incorporating areas such as added closet space to fulfill this desire.

For example, linen closets in primary bathrooms are becoming increasingly sought after by homeowners.

Small Bathroom Remodel Trends 2022

These small bathroom remodel trends focus on individual objects in your bathroom instead of your bathroom as a whole. They offer a more affordable option for bathroom remodeling for those with a smaller budget.

6. Mixing Textures

In the past, bathroom trends have been dominated by white walls and tiles. But this year, the trend has shifted in favor towards adding more textured mirrors and wall coverings. Likewise, the new trend also favors creating more movement in bathroom spaces.

7. Incorporate Scenic Murals

Interior décor that makes a statement is no longer just to impress guests when they walk through the front door. In fact, more people are trading out the more traditional clinical, all-white design of bathrooms in favor of incorporating intricate murals.

This is another way people are creating a spa-like sanctuary in their homes.

8. Update Your Light Fixtures

LED lighting is growing in popularity as we continue to move away from the standard Edison filament bulb. LED lighting is more efficient while also being more sustainable. It creates a balance of soft, warm light that brings a serene sense of calm to bathroom spaces.

9. Make a Statement With Bold Color

2022 bathroom trends favor dark bathroom palettes instead of custom white and light tones. Dark colors look exceptional when juxtaposed with golden fixtures and finishes. Color can influence how we feel, which is why it's important that you choose a paint color for your bathroom that you find agreeable. Darker colors, like deep shades of purple, can inspire feelings of creativity, for example. In a similar vein, darker shades of blue can bring about soothing effects known to lower heart rates, which can be ideal for bathroom spaces.

10. Add Freestanding Basins

Unfortunately for interior designers, there are limits to what you can and can't add to a bathroom. But, including a freestanding basin is an easy way of adding character to the space. In fact, basins are becoming more organic and oblong in shape in comparison to previous basin trends.

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This year, bathroom trends are all about bringing the spa to life and maximizing the practicality of your bathroom space. Now that you have inspiration for your bathroom remodeling project, you can get started on giving your bathroom the update you desire.

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