Did you know that color can affect your mood and even influence your decisions? Whether you're brewing your morning pot of coffee or preparing dinner for the family, the color of your kitchen matters.

All-white kitchens have been the popular choice for years. They're chic and timeless, so white will be the go-to option for many homeowners. But like all trends, white has stepped aside to allow new color schemes to emerge.

The current trend in interior design is kitchen colors. Designers are forecasting kitchens full of color are going to be around for years to come. Want to know what shades and hues are the must-haves for your kitchen colors?

Here are the top six kitchen colors in 2022 and how to create a kitchen color scheme around them.

1. Back to Black

Technically, black isn't a color; according to experts, it's a shade. But that doesn't mean black won't look great in your home. Black is just as timeless as white, but it's also a little more trendy. Black is chic and sleek, so it's the ideal color for modern homes. It'll complement clean lines and unique architecture. And, of course, it has the benefit of being able to match any other colors in your decor.

Incorporate black in a big way by choosing black cabinets. Take the modern look a step further by choosing a glossy finish. But if you don't want black to take over the design, you have a few options.

Black stone countertops will look just as sleek and modern but with a more subtle impact. Or add black with details like drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and hardware.

2. Shades of Green

Green is one of the most trendy colors for kitchens. Scroll online and flip through magazine pages, and you'll see gorgeous kitchens in all shades of green.

Green hasn't always been a top color choice but has emerged as a popular color for kitchens in more recent years. The color can feel both traditional and modern, depending on how you style it. It's an elegant shade that's bound to become timeless.

Choose a lighter shade like sage, pistachio, or olive for a softer look. For a bold design, choose darker, richer shades like pine, emerald, or hunter green.

Green mixes well with neutral shades like creams, greys, and tan. Natural colors and materials also pair well with all shades of green. Add metallic accents of gold, silver, or onyx to complement the shades.

3. Rich Blues

Some say blue is neutral, so it doesn't seem revolutionary that it's on a list of trending kitchen cabinet colors. But it's because it's so popular that blue is considered a top color.

Blue is often considered a traditional color, but it can still make a big impact on design. Trade in soft, muted hues for deeper, richer shades.

Opt for navy, azure, or aegean blue. These darker shades mix a bold color with an intimate feel. These shades are also timeless, so you won't feel like they've gone out of style in a few years.

You can incorporate blue throughout the kitchen. Choose a bold design with blue cabinets, blue walls, or blue tiles.

4. Bright, Sunny Yellow

Bring the sunshine into your kitchen with bright yellow cabinets. Though it's a trending color, it's not as popular as other colors on this list. Yellow is still an attractive option for a kitchen. Even a hint of yellow can help liven up a dark kitchen.

Yellow can look traditional and modern, depending on how you style it. Pale yellow tends to be more traditional, especially when paired with brown wood. Bolder yellows are more modern. Choose sleek cabinet fronts to finish the contemporary look.

If you have a smaller kitchen, yellow is a great color to make the kitchen appear larger. And all shades of yellow pair well with grey and white. But you can choose a vivid design by pairing yellow with other colors like green and blue.

5. Bold Red

There's no color that makes a bigger statement than red. It's the color of passion and love. And though the color is bold, it's timeless. A red kitchen won't be out of style in a few seasons.

With red, you can go retro-inspired or sleek and modern. The color looks good on traditional doors and flat-faced cabinets. You can also add a glossy finish to create a more modern look.

Tone down this shade with a neutral white. Or choose a bolder look by incorporating black into the design. Other stylish color schemes include red and gold, red and gold, and red and gray.

If you love bold design, but red cabinets are too overwhelming, try adding red in smaller ways. Red appliances and black cabinets are a great combination.

6. Go Two-Tone

Who says that you have to choose one color? Your cabinets don't have to be all the same color. Two-tone cabinets are a great way to add color to a kitchen without going overboard.

First, choose the color palette that you want to work with. Traditionally, the trend features colorful cabinets on the bottom and neutral cabinets on top. However, that doesn't mean you can't swap the top and bottom orientation.

For the bottom cabinets, opt for colors like blue, green, or yellow. On top, choose neutrals like white, black, and grey. Try blue and white for a coastal look. Green and taupe create a nature-inspired kitchen. Yellow and grey feel like an updated retro look.

You can also have two colors in a two-tone kitchen. Use a color wheel to help you find complementing shade combinations.

Stunning Kitchen Colors for Your Next Remodel

Do you like to entertain your friends with weekend dinner parties? Or are your more of a Saturday morning waffles with the family kind of cook? However you want to use your kitchen, it should be a place that inspires you.

That's why you should make the space stand out from the crowd with stunning kitchen colors. These six trending colors are designer approved for a kitchen that'll look like it came from the pages of a magazine.

Kitchen remodeling doesn't have to be difficult. At Cabinets Wholesalers, we dedicate ourselves to making the process easy and enjoyable for all customers, beginning with choosing the paint colors of your dreams. Contact our experts to start your kitchen remodel today!